Cheap Golf Balls Are A Duffer’s Best Friend

Cheap Golf Balls Are A Duffer’s Best Friend

As many of you probably know, golf balls aren’t exactly cheap. A dozen top flight (and Top Flite for that matter, who by the way, boast my favorite golf ball name, The Freak) golf balls can easily run you upwards of $40 depending on the brand. I don’t know about you, but with my penchant for slicing balls into the water, hooking them into what PGA Tour’s Shot Track would only describe as ‘Other’, or picking them out of the hole after a double digit score and simply chucking them from my sight, $4-5 golf balls are not an attractive purchase for me.

The truth is that unless you’re closing in on scratch golfer status, and if you are bravo, you probably won’t notice or benefit greatly from more expensive golf balls. Especially as technology has improved, even lower end golf balls are the equivalent of what was the cutting edge just a few years ago, which is not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.

You may be able to squeeze a few extra yards out of an expensive dual layer ball designed for long distance, or not spray the ball quite so badly around the course with a world-class ball designed for accuracy, but your main goal should be working on your game and not worrying about or relying on tools such as golf balls to lift you to the next plateau.

With these thoughts in mind, I thought I’d pass along some info on the best way to find cheap golf balls to hit around as you improve your game, until you feel confident hitting more expensive balls (that is if you ever feel confident teeing up the equivalent of $5 on a dogleg right with a lake on the left), as well as some good cheap balls that are excellent temporary or even permanent alternatives to more expensive balls.

If you’re looking for a great way to find cheap balls, you’re already half way there (assuming being on the internet is equivalent to being half way there). There are numerous online retailers which specialize in not only new golf balls, but used balls as well. Their selections are vast, their prices are cheap, and the quality of the delivered product is just as advertised. I won’t go into specific sites here, but rest assured there are plenty available.

When discussing specific brands for purchase, Callaway is a brand that produces a quality low compression golf ball for a very reasonable price, as seen in models like their Big Bertha line Another excellent high quality, low cost choice is Precept, with their line of Laddie and Lady golf balls. Lastly, the balls I current play come courtesy a lesser known company called Intech, whose Limbo Ultra Soft golf balls are affordable, long, and feel great.

Of course which ball you decide to play should factor in your own personal play style and price range, but these are some of the cheap options on the market that will still keep you competitive (or at least as competitive as your game will allow) on the course. Good luck finding a cheap golf ball that suits you well, and keep it in the fairway.