Callaway Big Bertha Irons Live Up To The Hype

Callaway Big Bertha Irons Live Up To The Hype

It’s not often that great products can live up to the overwhelming hype surrounding them, especially in this internet age, where things get discussed, dissected, and disseminated more than at any other time throughout human history. Often, the things that get said about a product, or the hype or rumors about it are completely false. One need only look to the recent horror movie Paranormal Activity and its brilliant marketing strategy depicting theatre goers’ so thoroughly freaked out that they looked like they had seen a live demon. The hype fooled numerous critics who gave the movie glowing reviews, while the general reception from audiences has been nowhere near as positive, and the original marketing campaign has since been declared a hoax, and nothing but acting on the part of the ‘freaked out’ movie watchers.

So while Nike is arguably the biggest name in golf thanks to their star endorser, one Mr. Tiger Woods, Titleist is the biggest name in golf balls, and TaylorMade is undoubtedly the champion of drivers, Callaway is quickly moving to the top of the irons pile (perhaps we could call it the scrap heap). Their exceptional X-22 and X-Forged irons proved extremely popular with casual players, and several PGA tour pros were quick to switch to the irons as well.

When it comes to the casual golfer though, Callaway’s newest edition of their popular Big Bertha Irons set certainly lived up to the hype. Callaway Big Bertha Irons have long been dubbed ‘super game-improvement clubs’, for their tremendous ability to help the casual player hit cleaner and more consistent shots, even far and above what other companies game-improvement sets can manage.

The Big Bertha irons have a very distinctive look owing to their many distinguishing features intended to help amateur golfers improve their game. The first thing noticed by most players is the size of the irons, part of the reason for the ‘big’ moniker. These irons have massive soles to help slide easily through the turf or rough, as well as large hitting areas with increased offsets to help correct the problem of too much action on the ball.

Another positive innovation with their newest set is the transition of long irons, traditionally one of the most difficult clubs to hit well for high handicappers, into hybrid clubs. While long irons are still available in their more traditional form for those who wish it, the new i-brids as they are called should be seen as a great improvement for many struggling golfers. Many golfers of all skill levels have taken a shine to hybrids, and these clubs will allow them to add yet more hybrid style clubs into their bag.

The final major innovation with the new Big Bertha’s is their greatly increased perimeter weighting. What this does is allow greater stability of the club head at impact, as well as generating even greater ball speed for straighter and longer shots.

There really isn’t enough that can be said about the newest Big Bertha set. Callaway continues to produce clubs that push amateur players to the next level, providing them with the incentive they need to continually work at and improve their game, and improving their enjoyment factor of the game. This is a great way to keep more people interested in the great game of golf, and becoming hopelessly addicted like the rest of us.