The Right Fairway Wood Sets Can Make All The Difference

The Right Fairway Wood Sets Can Make All The Difference

Fairway woods are not an easy club to hit, and it’s for this reason that finding the perfect set for you is quite important. One need only consider the difficulty of hitting the driver off a tee to realize that attempting to hit the same club off of flat ground, angled ground, or heavens forbid, a divot, is yet more difficult. Fairway woods result in more shanked shots than any other club, and even pros will fall victim to a complete mishit with these clubs on occasion.

The chief concern when shopping for fairway woods should be the weight and length of the club. More than other club, it’s difficult to compensate with fairway woods when the clubs simply aren’t a good match for the wielder. Clubs should be a very specific length based on the player’s height, and the weight should be in a perfect range where it feels neither too heavy nor light.

While shopping online does have many benefits, there are also certain benefits to shopping in one of the major golfing store chains. The most noteworthy benefits are the ability to test out clubs, as well as the ability to have clubs customized and tailored just for you, whether it is a change of grips, or a slight adjustment of the length of the clubs. These little touches can really have a big impact on your ability to use the club effectively, and may be just as important as the actually brand or model of club. Getting back to the first point, the ability to test out clubs, most major golfing chains have driving ranges and shot simulators set up where you can fully swing and take practice shots with clubs, and these can be a great tool for getting a quick feel for the club.

The ideal scenario might be to test out the fairway wood sets at a store and then purchase the set you like online. This might not seem entirely ethical, but there’s no reason to pay more for the same set of clubs if you don’t have to. If you feel comfortable shopping online, by all means look into some of the many great outlets for golfing goods found online.

One last topic of interest is the hybrid. These clubs are a combination of iron and fairway wood, and typically look like fairway woods with smaller heads, though they may also take on the appearance of cavity backed irons with larger than normal surfaces (for an iron). For players who just can’t seem to find any consistency with their fairway woods, the hybrid may be the perfect answer. They’re widely considered to be far easier to hit than fairway woods, while still offering the distance necessary for most lengthy fairway shots. Hybrids are usually sold individually and not as part of a set, so considering looking into them as well to help complement your choice of fairway woods.

Finding the right fairway woods should lead to tremendous improvement in your game, though hitting these clubs is never easy. If you’re willing to invest the time to heavily research and practice with a variety of clubs, I would certainly recommend doing so when searching for fairway woods.