Finding The Best Deals On Used Golf Carts For Sale

Finding The Best Deals On Used Golf Carts For Sale

Most golfers don’t even consider the purchasing of their own golf cart, content instead to rent carts from the course when necessary, despite the many incentives to do so. With the increasing ownership of golf carts worldwide, it’s now easier than ever to find used carts for sale, and this should help convince many golfers to take the plunge into golf cart ownership.

Before looking for a cart, you should first decide on whether to go with an electric or gas golf cart, and your choice will determine the general age range you can consider for your cart. Electric carts after all have a much longer life span than gas carts, affording you the ability to purchase a 15 or 20 year old electric cart if you wish. Gas carts on the other hand would likely be on their last legs by that point, and could need costly maintenance to keep them road (or rather course) worthy.

There are other subtle differences between the two cart varieties. Top speed favors electric carts as well, while gas carts are typically capped. Electric carts are also good for the environment. On the other hand, gas carts can be driven for much greater stretches of time before needing a refuel, while electric carts are limited in the distance they can travel, even on a full battery charge. For those who live some distance from their preferred course and plan to drive there in their cart, a gas cart may be a necessity. Electric carts run quietly, while gas carts can make a healthy dose of noise depending on their condition, so this may be yet another factor to consider when one takes into account the usual quiet and solitude found on the golf course.

As you can see there are many facets to consider before even choosing which style of used golf cart to purchase. Next will be the task of actually scanning through the used golf carts for sale and finding the one that fits your needs idn poker. The majority of major retailers will not sell used carts, so your best bet on this front will be to shop online, or search local and online classifieds for used golf carts. Another possibility is to ask around at your local golf courses, as they may occasionally update their stable of carts and sell or auction off the existing ones. This could be a great way to find a real bargain.

There are many things you’ll need to consider when deciding which used carts available offer the best value. Certainly the age of the cart should be a prime factor, but in addition to that there are also the accessories that come with the cart, as well as the cart make and brand. Also of importance is the inclusion of a warranty, which you should get when purchasing from any reputable site. If the cart is sold ‘as is’ you may want to consider another cart. Ideally, you should test drive any model if possible to get a general feel for how it drives and handles.

For avid golfers, owning your own cart and the many possibilities this opens up for you, is becoming an increasingly popular alternatively to constant rentals. With the used golf cart market burgeoning, it’s a better time than ever to get in on the action and add a used golf cart to your golfing repertoire.